Psychopy and EyeLink integration: data viewer

I built an experiment in psychopy and it should be integrated with eyelink 1000 plus. It seems that everything is working but i have to fix one thing: I would see in edf data file the stimuli presentation with psychopy in order to have markers during trials. Indeed now edf data give me the pupil size and other params but it is not possible to integrate eyetracker data with psychopy stimuli presented during the experiment

Did you ever get a solution to this? I’m interested in doing the exact same thing!

Yes. But the only solution I find ant that could work is to send message at the beginning and at the end of routine in psychopy. For example, in my case I wanted to see in .edf file when an auditory stimuly start and when it ends. So I add a code component in PsychoPy GUI interface at the beginning and at the end of the rountine where the auditory stimuli I wanted to mark was present.
Then EyeLink data viewer has the option to visualize the message you send. For example if your message sent from psychopy is “start audio”, when you open eyelink data viewer you have to personalize data visualization inserting the same message in software option

Oh great! Was this done using the eyetracker class? Would you be comfortable sharing that code component?

yes in particular i used this code to send message to EyeLink: eyetracker.sendMessage(‘’)