Sending Triggers to Eyelink Eyetracker

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to build an EEG study where I also record pupil dilations using an Eyelink Eyetracker.

Now I found some posts on how to connect a Psychopy study to an eyetracker, and in all of them Psychopy has to be connected to the eyetracker, you have to specify a ton of settings and control everything the eyetracker does directly in the study.

It all seems to be super complicated and error-prone for someone like me who is not familiar with eyetrackers. I know I can calibrate the eyetracker using the eyetracker’s software and I can also record a stream of data on button press, so the only thing I’d like Psychopy to do is to send triggers to the eyetracker and maybe stop recording & download the eyetracking data if the study ends. The triggers should be sent at the same time as my EEG triggers if that’s possible.

Does anyone know how to do this or has an old script that I could have a look at?

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS: I’m using an old Psychopy version (2021.2.3) because I’m working with a Windows 7 PC and I would like to do everything using the coder.