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Projects in GitLab Dashboard not appearing in Pavlovia Dashboard

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: Some projects in GitLab Dashboard are not visible in Pavlovia Dashboard.

I have created multiple projects in Builder and saved each one to its own repo in GitLab.
But when I view these projects on the Pavlovia Dashboard, not all of them are visible.

Example: I have four projects: b_002_c, b_002_f, b_002_i, and b_002_m.

Here is my GitLab view:

All four projects are visible on the GitLab Dashboard, however only three of the four projects are visible in the Pavlovia Dashboard.

Here is my Dashboard view:

To date this has happened on six projects; visible on GitLab but not on Pavlovia.

As far as I can determine there is no pattern to the times or dates that the ‘missing’ projects were uploaded.

Has anyone else experienced this, and found a solution?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


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Hi @mdl_1550,

Did you ever find a solution to this? It’s keeps happening to me recently too.

Hello @Anthony,

I just replied to you on your other thread. From my end, it seems that all is well.
@mdl_1550 : it also appears that all of your experiments are available on the dashboard. Can you confirm that this is the case? Incidentally, did you have an opportunity to look into using the various tricks I mentioned in my email so as not to duplicate all of the resources needlessly?


This is kind of a silly trick, but I have found that occasionally if click on the “run the study online” button from the builder for that project, the study will show on pavlovia (or similarly if the changes I made would not show in pavlovia, they do after doing this). However, this only works for me and my projects, and not in cases where someone in my group cannot see a project in pavlovia that I created within that group.


What is the solution to this? I also have projects on gitlab that are not syncing to pavlovia, or not showing up on the dashboard.

Thank you

Hello @Leah_S,

What is your pavlovia username? I would be happy to look into the matter for you.
Best wishes,


Thank you so much Alain

It is Sharp_lab and the task that is not syncing is mistpilotv3


Interestingly, it looks like Sharp_lab was removed from the team for that particular experiment, on the 13th of January, and was given access to it again only 3 days ago. Does that make sense to you?
The pavlovia back-end did not register the new access credentials, which I will be investigating.
But, in the meantime, I’ve sorted this out and you now have access to the experiment in your dashboard.
With my apologies for the mishap!


Hi Alain. I really appreciate you solving my issue and all of your effort. I don’t understand what you mean by “removed from the team”. I created mistpilotv3 from a copy of another experiment, mistpilotv2 so maybe the v3 version was nested? I hope i am making sense let me know if I ought to rephrase.


I wanted to archive two projects. To continue working on them I exported them and then imported the .gz files into new projects. The imports were successful but the new projects don’t show up on the Pavlovia dashboard. It seems that the solution to this problem was distributed just by email? The account is lclab2 and the new projects are cogload2021 and h21 Thanks!


Have you tried the steps I described here?