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Trouble Populating the Pavlovia Experiments Dashboard from Gitlab Projects

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am trying to host a js-psych task following the instructions on pavlovia ( but none of the projects I have created on my pavlovia gitlab account seem to appear in the dashboard. My impression from the help document is that when a user creates an experiment project on gitlab that the dashboard should be automatically populated with a new unactivated experiment with the same name. Since I am very new to Pavlovia I am not sure if this is the right idea but nothing I have tried so far has been reflected in the dashboard and I am unsure of what else to try. Apologies if I am missing an obvious step. Any advice or assistance would be massively appreciated.


Hello @NJB,

Many apologies for the mishap. The error was on our side and has just been corrected.
Could I ask you to create yet another experiment and let me know whether it appears in your dashboard? I believe it now should.



I’ve created a couple new experiments as you suggested and they all appeared in the dashboard!

Thank you so much for your swift help in this matter!

My pleasure!