Project is not run in pavlovia, though it was synced well in gitlab

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:

Hi, I uploaded the similar question below, but I still have it unsolved.

I designed an experiment using psychopy builder and some code strings in code component.
I tested my psyexp file in psychopy and found that it runs perfectly well offline.
The problem is that it does not run online.
I synced the files to pavlovia, and clicking ‘view code’ tab shows relevant files in the project.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.26.14 PM

Even though the files in the project are up-to-date, clicking ‘pilot’ shows 403 error…
I think the problem is in the platform version: Platform version is set to 0, not 2020.2 (in aother project, the pilot runs well and its platform version is 2020.2).

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.27.14 PM

My ‘Use PsychoPy version’ in psychopy experiment setting is empty.

I upload my psyexp file as well, in case someone detects problem in my code component which interferes with online syncing.
rc_prac.psyexp (103.9 KB)

Sorry for your running issues! I reproduced part of your problem, but I don’t have an solution yet I’m afraid. I’ll ask around a bit.

Hi @hij113, by the looks of it should be the URL for your experiment. When you visit Online Settings in PsychoPy is output path empty or ‘html’? This could be a case of something went wrong when syncing. Have you tried deleting the gitlab repo and re-uploading fresh? Here to help, s.

Hi, @sotiri, thank you for your response.
Deleting gitlab repo and re-uploading is what I have done before for many times…
I tried it again but it doesn’t work.

Here is the screen shot of my online setting. Should there be something in the output path tab?

No that looks fine, could you give me Developer access to your project so that I investigate a bit further? Thanks, s.

Hello @hij113, @sotiri, @thomas_pronk,

The issue, as far as I can ascertain, is that there is an html folder with resources in it, but everything else (e.g index.html, rc_prac.js) are outside of it. And so pavlovia is confused.
Any idea why files are where they are? @hij113: did you perhaps move them around?


I had a recent issue like this. I think trying to debug an issue I tried exporting html locally and running local debug (which I don’t normally do). As a result I discovered that I no longer had an html folder and all the JS and html files were in the root on Pavlovia. I manually created the folders locally an resynced.but I couldn’t work out how to get the files back running from the html folder. As a workaround I created a new local copy and abandoned my old one. It’s still running from the root rather than the html folder but at least it now seems to work.

It used to be that the html directory was created by default when one would export HTML, but the more recent versions of PsychoPy default to using the same folder the .psyexp is sitting in I believe

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@apitiot @wakecarter @sotiri
I created manually the folder resources folder because the crib sheet says so when images are not imported (thanks, @wakecarter !!). It used to work well both offline and online until the files are not synced suddenly. Everything worked fine, until I changed some very simple lines in the code component.

I changed the permission to public, so I hope anyone can access to debug.