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Program freezing when trying to escape


I am running an experiment that involves the participant selecting one of five image options to match it to a target image (presented earlier in my study). Recently I have been having a consistent issue with the program taking an extremely long time to close when I either press escape, or when the task runs completely and finishes when it should. It can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes to close, and seems to be slower the longer I let the task run for.

I am not sure if it is a problem with my program or just with PsychoPy itself, so I thought I would just make a post to see if anyone has encountered a similar problem and/or solution. I saw an earlier post that recommended to change the number of items listed in “audio library” under Preferences, but my task does not use sound and did not make a difference when I did what was recommended.

I have been working almost exclusively in Builder view, but have quite a few elements in some of my routines (code, polygons, images, and mouse clicks). Has anyone found that the more items there are in a single routine, the more inefficient the program runs?


Hi @Kate_Checknita, normally the escape key works to quit the experiment, so it may be some other reason that is affecting the closing time, e,g., custom code. Would you mind sharing code, or psyexp file?

Hi @dvbridges, thanks so much for your fast reply! I ended up taking out some of the functions in my larger routines that I didn’t need, and the program quits just fine now.

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