PsychoPy is extermely slow

I noticed that it was getting slower as the number of steps in my work increased, but it is currently unusable. I had to wait 7 minutes just to add a duration value to the stimulus. If anyone has any suggestions on this subject, I would be very grateful.

Im using Windows 10 64x with 16GB DDR4 RAM and Ryzen 5 3600x CPU

Thank you for your time.

Please shiw the code component you’re using and give your PsychoPy version. You might have inefficient code. Do you have any while statements?

I’m experiencing the same issues, v2022.2.5 on a macOS 10.14.6.

I currently have 9 unique routines, haven’t added loops yet. My experiment needs at least 15 unique routines (and 23 in total). It’d be devastating to build if every action in the builder takes 5mins to execute (or sometimes it just freezes and I have to force quit).

Any pointers anyone? Python code is attached below.

Word List Recall (42.4 KB)