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Programme keeps Freezing

Hi there,

I’m running an experiment on the latest version of PsychoPy and have been using the builder to build it. It’s a reaction time experiment where an image comes on to the screen, and participants have to make a decision about the image using the keyboard.

I’ve already run a similar experiment with no problems, but the 2nd time around the programme seems to be freezing at random intervals, meaning response time is not being recorded accurately on the problem trials. There is no trend in which images are causing the issue, or where in the sequence it is happening.

I’ve tried stopping all background processes on my PC, restarting the programme, reinstalling PsychoPy and trying to fix performance issues on the PC, but the issue is continuing.

Any suggestions?

After switching to another PC, the programme seems to be running much smoother, so must be a performance issue with the actual PC, rather than the programme.