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Screen scale for builder

OS : Win10
PsychoPy version : v2020.2.0

Is it possible to implement the screenscale to the experiment running in pavlovia prepared in the builder?

My screenscale routine was written in Builder but may not work in your version of PsychoPy. I’d recommend that you upgrade to 2020.2.10 or 2021.2.3

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thank you very much. If I put it to the beginning of the experiment, it will scale for the dimensions in the whole experiment and the coordinates depending on the dimensions, right?

If you put it at the beginning of the experiment then you can multiply the desired sizes and positions in cm of following objects by the scale_x and scale_y (IIRC). It can’t do that step automatically, only calculate the scaling factors.

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Thanks for responding. I get the coordinates from the excel sheet. How could I scale them?
Here are he coordinates in pixel units:

[posx*scale_x, posy*scale_y] if you change the pixels to cm

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It works, thank you very much!

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