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Problem with resources sub-folder in HTML folder

I exported my experiment in HTML from the Builder, and then clicked into it to look at the resources sub-folder. It should contain my conditions file and the image files that I’m using in the experiment.

However, most of the images files are missing, but the number of missing files varies among each folder containing the image files (total of 18 folders).

I’m guessing I can just copy and paste from my original folders, but I’m wondering what could be behind this error and I thought I’d mention it!

We’ll need to fix this in due course but, yes, for now copying the files over.

Note that we do now have funding to go ahead and complete/test the online studies system. So all this will get sorted in the not-too-distant future (we’ll need to hire some staff first and then they’ll need to write the code, but it’s all going to happen!)