Images are not getting uploaded

Hi everyone,

My problem is the images are not getting uploaded. I already read a lot of topics related to this, and the most suggest solution is move all the images into a “html” or “html/resources” folder, but that is not working. I noticed that my current version of Psychopy (2020.2.4) is not even creating the html folder, so I guess this directory style is deprecated.

By the way, the images’ path works, because the paths that I set manually in the Builder’s image component are getting uploaded succesfully.

My apologies for this saturated question, but I couln’t find the solution.

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Hi Alan,

Please could you share the exact error message? is it possible the file extension is missing (JS in particular needs that)? is it possible to add any resources using the ‘Online’ tab in exp settings?

Regarding the HTML folder - that is correct - see similar thread here PsychoPy Builder not creating HTML folder


Hi Becca,

As always, your answer is clarifying. All the resources have already been uploaded by the online tab, so now the experiment runs successfully. Anyway, I put my error below, just in case, to see if that help with my next question.


But I’m still curious, is this the only solution? I mean, Psychopy is not supporting a resources folder by default anymore, isn’t? I think is kinda unconfortable to have to add manually all the resources and certainly a little bit risky.


Hi Alan,

The reason for not having the resources file is essentially because this was duplicating the amount of storage required on pavlovia. At the moment if a stimulus is directly fed into a component, psychopy/pavlovia can do a pretty good job of figuring out what resources will be needed and ‘sending’ then to your experiment at the start of the exp. However, if the stimuli that are presented differ for each participant (e.g. because they have different conditions files) this is more difficult to calculate in advance, so all files need to be mapped. It should still be relatively easy and risk free to map resources to your task using the online tab - but, of course, it is wise to thoroughly pilot the task to ensure that no ‘missing resources’ errors are encountered.

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Hi Becca,

I get it, and makes complete sense. By the way, I think it would be nice if this information appears in the Psychopy’s tutorials, it seems to be a critical and common mistake, and almost everything on the forum (and the PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet) is pointing out the “html/resources” solution.

Have a nice day,

Thanks for the feedback Alan, it is good to know what we can feed into tutorials to keep things current :slight_smile: