Unsuccessful to open the software

Need help urgently :pray:
We develop experiments in the psychology laboratory and have been working with your software for two years.
This week the software did not open (it is not clear what the reason is), so we tried to download the software again with the new version.
In order for the software to open, the previous version had to be deleted. This procedure led to the deletion of all the experiments we built and we are unable to restore the previous software…
Now the new version doesn’t open either. We will be happy for help in reproducing the experiments!!
Thank you!

Hi there,

Uninstalling an old PsychoPy version should not delete the experiments, unless you saved everything in the PsychoPy folder and deleted it.

If you are on a Windows machine, you may be able to restore the old version using the built-in advanced recovery tools.

Follow the advice here to get PsychoPy working again, but this won’t restore your old experiments.


Best wishes Jens