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Prevent Unauthorized Experiment Attempts?

I have a set of experiments hosted on Pavlovia, and I want to make sure that these experiments are only completed by a selected (personally invited) group of participants. In other words, I want to eliminate the possibility that any invited participant could share the experiment with others by copying the URL.

Some things that I’ve already considered:

  • Adding an entry code/password to the study, such that participants must enter the code to begin the experiment. This would not work because the code would be sharable, as well as the experiment URL.
  • Hosting the experiment through an external platform such as MTurk or Prolific. This would not work because the URL of the study would still be sharable.

Is there any kind of method in place to handle this?

I’m using a link from Qualtrics – taking a researcher variable from there. You could then use Qualtrics to restrict participation at that end to a contact list. Technically the Pavlovia link could be shared but you’d know that that link had been used before.

Thanks for your reply! This sounds like a similar solution to using MTurk or Prolific. We have other methods in place for identifying participants, so we’re not worried about detecting unauthorized participants, but rather preventing them altogether.

The Qualtrics invitation route would mean that the participants wouldn’t see a reusable URL. Someone sharing the link they were sent wouldn’t be a problem because it could only be used once

Oh great, then that’s perfect for what I need. I think I misunderstood your original reply. Thanks a lot!