Consent form in external link

Dear all,

I need participants to read the consent form provided by my institution (in PDF format), before they start the experiment. We’re using Prolific to recruit participants. What strategy would you recommend?

I have an URL to the form, so one option could be adding a clickable link in the welcome routine. I can’t find a way to do that though.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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+1 I am wondering about this too.

In previous experiments, I just took the text from our consent forms and showed it over the course of a few routines, having participants type Y/N to accept/reject. However, I have seen some people recommend using Qualtrics for the consent form and then redirecting to Pavlovia.

Prolific can send the participant’s ID directly to Pavlovia, which helps track which participants more reliably. I’m not sure what will happen if there is a redirect to Qualtrics in between. Does anyone know?

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did you figure out how to do ut? i also need to add an external link

Did figure out how to do the consent form? I am also using Pavlovia and Prolific.

I start all my Pavlovia experiments in Qualtrics, and gather consent and demographics there before sending the ResponseID as the participant number or an id variable to Pavlovia.

For example