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Project visibility: Using link to conduct experiment (Pavlovia)


I am thinking of sending my experiment URL to participants to conduct an online experiment.
In this case, unless I set my project visibility to Public, do participants need to create an account and and log into Pavlovia in order to access my URL?
Can I just give permission to specific individuals who do not have an account in Pavlovia?

Thank you in advance!

Participants do not need to have an account to run the experiment, regardless of the status of your experiment as public or private. Whoever has the link that you send them can run the experiment without an account. However, I would recommend to set it to private and send the link only to your selected participants, otherwise in public mode anyone can run your experiment (with or without link) and you get a lot of unuseful data and used credits.

Hi @Laura_Pissani

Thank you for your reply! This is very helpful!
So if I set it to private, I need to ask participants to create an account in Pavlovia and then I can invite them as project members (guests) so that they have permission to access the link?

Thanks again!

Now I am not sure if you now are talking about participants or project members?
Participants DO NOT need to create an account. You only need to give them the link and they can immediately run the experiment.

Hi @Laura_Pissani,

Thank you! I got it. Yes, I am talking about the participants.
I appreciate it!

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