Insert a website link at the beginning of experiment

URL of experiment:


I’m trying to run my experiment but also I need some questionnaires. Thus, I want to insert a qualtrics link at the beginning of experiment and after that back link to the Pavlovia.
Is there any way that I can insert a clickable link at the beginning of experiment?

Thank you.

I’m planning to send out Qualtrics links which redirect to Pavlovia.

You can easily go Qualtrics -> Pavlovia -> Qualtrics (using two Qualtrics surveys) but to do the reverse would require two Pavoliva experiments and cost two credits.

My thinking is that the PI sheet and demographics are easier in Qualtrics.


Since there will be more than one questionnaire, I think it would make more sense to implement what you said.

Thank you.

Excuse my question @wakecarter: is it only Qualtrics that can be used for questionnaire with PsychoPy? I’ve been trying to use OnlineSurveys (BOS) but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’ve checked out the survey settings to set the termination redirect URL to be my Pavlovia study but didn’t find a way to do that yet. I’m wondering now if this feature is only available in Qualtrics but not all the survey-websites. Do you have any idea?

Does BOS have an option to redirect to a URL on termination?
Does it have something link embedded variables?

I assumed that it did but I haven’t used it so I don’t know.

In the distribution settings I can see an option called survey redirects under which two boxes to fill in, one is labelled as “Early response redirect” and the other is “Late response redirect”. I’m not sure whether these boxes are to be filled with links or plain text, but I’ve tried to paste my Pavlovia study link in and then run the survey but it didn’t move me to the study so I guess it’s not for website links.

other than that, no options are there for URL on termination.

  1. An Early response redirect for participants who click on your survey URL before the survey has opened.
  2. A Late response redirect for participants who click on your survey URL after the survey has closed.

I can’t find anything on redirection on survey completion