Practice file (xlsx) cannot be found

URL of experiment: flanker.2019_flankersAug21 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: The experiment (flanker task) runs fine under Psychopy 3, but after syncing it on Pavlovia I can’t get it to run. The error message says that this is an unknown resource, although the resources folder contains the practice.xlsx file.

I have seen others have flagged this up but I am not a coder and can’t change codes myself unfortunately.

Many thanks for your help.
all best

Have you added the resources in Builder via Experiment Settings / Online

Thanks very much for looking at my problem. I have now manually added the participant.xlsx file as well as the other contents from the resources file (see screenshot) but it does not solve the problem.

I don’t know if there should be info under “output path” or “completed URL” in the same screen?

I have synced the experiment again and reloaded it several times on Psychopy, but still get the same error message (also on the screenshot).Processing: screenshot_psych.docx…

If I were you I would start again in a fresh folder with the output path set to blank (not html). Nothing is needed in the completed URL field but you are confusing PsychoPy by using the historical html/resources method and the modern attached resources.

thanks very much for your help. I have decided to rebuild the programme from scratch in the latest version of Psychopy. Your comment helped me to take the decision as I think you were right that the programme was confused between the version I had received from someone else, and my attempt to put it on Pavlovia using the latest version of Psychopy.

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