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Unknown Resource Error

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I created this project from Builder in PsychoPy3. It runs just fine in PsychoPy but when I go to run this in pilot mode from Pavlovia it tells me that it cannot find my instructions file (.xlsx). It tells me that instructions.xlsx is an unknown resource. I read a similar issue in another post was that my .xlsx file should be in the html folder. So I uploaded the file there but it did not fix the problem. Please help!!

I wanted to respond to this just in case someone else was experiencing the same issue. In order to fix this, I deleted the .git folder and the html folder that was created on the initial push to Pavlovia. Next, I went in to my project through Gitlab and deleted my repository altogether. You can do this by scrolling all the way down, and clicking on Advanced Settings, then Remove. I then opened my .psyexp file in Builder view in Psychopy and resynced my files to Pavlovia. I believe that the other html file did not have my instructions file uploaded the first go around, and that by completely starting over fresh this fixed the issue.

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