Pavlovia sync not working

URL of experiment:,

Description of the problem: I am unable to sync the first project (aud_gonogo) after it seeming to work fine for a while. I see the sync button go red. I finally copied all the files to a new folder and created a new experiment on Pavlovia to test that, and it syncs without problems (the button goes green). What are my next steps to figure out why the main folder won’t sync? Unfortunately this happened just as my project is about to be live and I was just making final tweaks… switching to a different project URL is not an option at this point. Thanks!

Hi There,

Do you get an error message in your runner view? (under the heading stdout) if so please can you share that with us?


Sorry for not responding to this, I went ahead and recreated them as new experiments and then they synced fine. Except… now I’m having the issue where they appear to be syncing fine and the files are showing up as updated in gitlab, but when I run or pilot from Pavlovia I’m still seeing an old version, even after clearing cache etc, trying different browsers, rebooting…(I put “TEST” at the beginning of the text on the welcome page so it is easy to tell - but I am still getting the old version (without the TEST). I have been battling this for an hour, it is so frustrating and always seems to happen around this time when I’m trying to wrap things up :frowning:


If you are still seeing the old version of your experiment online (and it sounds like you have already done all the checks I would recommend e.g. clearing the cache!) one possibility is that the new .js file is not compiling. When you click ‘sync’ from builder do you see the ‘Success!’ message in the std out portion of runner view?