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I synced my experiment once to Pavlovia but now it does not work

Hello everyone,

I synced my experiment once to Pavlovia. Now when I try to sync again by clicking the second button from the right with the globe icon the button briefly turns red and then blue again. However, when I go to the URL of the experiment (I would share but it’s private and I could not change this setting) I still see that last changes were done a few days ago (when I first synced).

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Change something trivial, save, and sync again. Also, double-check in the run window that it’s not throwing errors when compiling the javascript file.

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Thanks a lot @jonathan.kominsky
I renamed my file and created a new project. Now it seems like it works. Though I still have errors in Pavlovia, but it syncs anyway :woman_shrugging: