Pavlovia: Please enhance error message for user who is not signed in

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Currently, when a scientist who is not yet signed into Pavlovia tries to go to their experiment, like this
they get an alarming and misleading error message:
"No information available for this experiment: it may not exist or you may not have access to it."
In fact, in this case, the problem has nothing to do with the experiment. That’s a red herring. The problem is that the username “denispelli” is not signed in.
When Pavlovia gets to the point where it now issues this error, might it CHECK whether that username is signed in. If not, then please say so,
"denispelli is not signed in. Please sign in. See rightmost item in menu above."

Are you able to help with this for 2022.1.0 @TParsons ?

Do you mean online or in-app? In-app we’re reworking the whole interface, I remember coming across this specific use case and adding code to handle it. Online, @apitiot knows far better than I do.

Hi Todd
Thx. Online. Glad you handled it in-app. I think Alain has a lot on his plate right now but I understand a new person is joining the Pavlovia team, so was hoping she might want to address this.

Online. Thanks