Pavlovia not using updated .xlsx conditions files

Pavlovia does not seem to be using updated .xlsx conditions files. Steps I do to demonstrate this easily within my project:

  • First, set everything up correctly, observe that it runs as expect locally.
  • Sync the correct version to Pavlovia. Observe that the conditions file is updated in Gitlab, path: html/resources/[filename].xlsx. Then pilot it and observe that it runs as expected.
  • Rename a variable in the .xlsx file to an incorrect value. Run it locally, and observe that, as expected, it gives an error msg:
NameError: name 'leftarrow' is not defined
  • Sync it with Pavlovia. Observe that the .xlsx file in html/resources/[file_name].xlsx is updated with the incorrect variable name on Gitlab.
  • Pilot it on Pavlovia. It gives no error message, and runs as if the variable name were correct (this is not the expected behavior).

Of course, the issue I’m having is not that I cannot incorrectly define a variable :slight_smile:. That is just a simple demonstration of the greater issue I am having. What is going on and how do I get the expected behavior? Thank you in advance for the help.