Pavlovia seems to not be reading the conditions file - ReferenceError: $x is not defined

Dear all,

My experiment works fine locally and offline through experiment runner.

When uploading to Pavlovia, I’ve encountered an error where halfway through the experiment (where the numberOfTrials variable is used), I get the below error. This seems like my conditions file in excel is not being read, because numberOfTrials is clearly defined within my “blockControl4.csv” file and works fine when offline.

Could there be an issue related to how javascript reads these files? I’ve linked the javascript code below as well.

Many thanks,

Try upgrading to the latest version of PsychoPy - code and variables that followed $ were not translating from Py to JS in earlier versions!




I am having the same issue as harry_bsms, I took advice from this thread and tried updating my PsychoPy version to the latest (2020.2.5). However, I am still getting the same issue where pavlovia does not seem to be recognizing the variables in my conditions file.

Any advice would be much appreciated!