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Condition .xlsx files not automatically sync-ed to online Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

I have generated a few condition files (.xlsx) for different participants in PsychoPy. The experiment runs just fine locally. But when I pilot it online in Pavlovia, the program cannot find the condition files (.xlsx). I checked “view code” and see that all files are in there (including the condition files), along with two folders: html and data.

For online testing to work, I had to manually create a “resources” folder, and upload the .xlsx condition files in the resources folder. Then it works.

Is there any reason why the condition files must be manually uploaded to the resources folder? Why does Pavlovia not find the .xlsx files that were already sync-ed inside the project folder?

I had the same problem. I just deleted “html” folder and created a “resources” folder in my local files and re-synced the experiment. It worked just fine. Yet, I believe that a fixed should be done so we don’t need this workaround.

If you have Excel file names specified in the loops PsychoPy will copy them to the local html:resources folder and sync them. If they are specified in a code component PsychoPy won’t realise you want them. You can either copy them to the local resources folder manually or use the appropriate JS command to access them during the experiment. I’ve forgotten the exact name of the command but it’s in my crib sheet

I’m on my phone so please search the forum for crib sheet to get the link