Pavlovia experiment: problem with .xlsx file

Hello everyone!

Description of the problem: I created an experiment with psychopy using different condition files (.xlsx). When I try to run it on Pavlovia, this error comes out:

"Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when importing condition: Imagelist1.xlsx
  • when getting the value of resource: Imagelist1.xlsx
  • unknown resource"

I tried to solve the problem adding the .xlsx files in the section “Online → additional resources” of Experiment settings. I also tried to synchronize the files, but none of these actions actually worked and I still get this error. What can I do?
Thank you

Hi, have you tried clearing your cache?

Yes I did, still doesn’t work.

Have you checked to see that the spellings of your files and the one in your loop are identical and that there are no empty space in between or at the end?