Hyperlink to Pavlovia Project is unclickable on Qualtrics

Hi all,

I’m trying to link SONA to Qualtrics and to Pavlovia.
Qualtrics link: https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6Eg7m6Jd3j9BKRM
I have insert this link in text on Qualtrics: https://pavlovia.org/run/isabelschuman/time-emotion-integration-pilot?participant=${e://Field/id}. However when piloting I cannot click on the link (when editing I can see the hyperlink is set successfully). Any idea on what might cause this? I have looked up online and seems it could be some permission issue I’m unfamiliar with.


OK I think it’s because I’m using a free account on trial it won’t permit hyperlink. I just switched to the school account it works.

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