Sona Systems - Qualtrics - Pavlovia - Sona: 'Completed URL' stays red

I have managed to link SONA to Qualtrics to Pavlovia using previous guidance, but when I enter the link under ‘Completed URL’ in PsychoPy to direct back to SONA for credit allocation, the URL stays red and does not let me click OK. The following is the URL I’m using to get participants back to SONA and their credit award:

Any help greatly appreciated.

You have ‘smart quotes’ instead of 'dumb quotes' around participant.

You are also including some Qualtrics code which won’t work here.

Thanks a lot - the link turned black when replacing the quotation marks.

Is this the code you mean: &survey_code=${e://Field/id} - this was included in the Sona redirect URL link I was told to paste into Psychopy.

Who told you? That’s syntax to paste into Qualtrics.

Relevant page of the external guidance that my department linked to.

That page says SURVEY_CODE for Qualtrics and expInfo for PsychoPy

The information provided in the following document is missing some key instructions.

For my own future reference,

  1. Next to ‘Completed URL’, enter $", then the SONA redirect URL, and end with "+expInfo[‘participant’]

should be edited to

  1. Next to ‘Completed URL’, enter $", then the SONA redirect URL, delete ${e://Field/id} and end with "+expInfo["participant"]


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Thanks for the spot. I’ve proposed a change to the document.