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Our first ever remote (Zoom) workshop

We’re going to run our firstever remote PsychoPy workshop!

We’ll run in UK time (if this works we might run some other time zones in the future) for 3 days: 28, 29, 30th Apr teaching combo of Builder, Coder and Online studies. We’re charging £250 rather than the usual in-person fee of £350.

For more information see

And you can book at

Never having done this before, we don’t know how popular it will be, but we’re limiting the spaces to 40 and I have a hunch those might fill quickly so do book now to avoid disappointment!


I hope you do find a way to do this again in a US-friendly time zone! I got so excited when I saw that the topics are exactly what I need that I almost signed up – until I remembered that I’m 5 hours behind GMT, and I do not function at 4 in the morning. I imagine full-day sessions would be hard to do with a 4- to 8-hour time difference, so perhaps multiple half-day sessions? (Late afternoon/evening for you = first thing in California.) I’ll keep an eye out for future virtual workshops!

A longer series of half-days is a good idea to allow more EU/US combinations. I’ll keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

I am trying to book the event, but I am having a problem I do not know how to get out. Is it possible I already booked and I do not remember it?

Stay safe.

Best wishes,


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