PsychoPy Workshops in 2020

Come along to the PsychoPy official workshops at Nottingham.

This year we’re running 2 workshops:

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Easter 3-day pure PsychoPy/Python workshop

A broad training in PsychoPy, this year teaching a combination of Builder, Python programming and online studies (we previously taught pure Python on this workshop)
More info:
book now: CEP2020 bookings

PaMPR (Programming and Methods in Psych Research)

This is a new expanded “Summer” School in September, including a range of

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • R
  • methods (EEG, eyetracking, online studies etc.)

It will be 4 days, with a mini-conference at the end. Sessions will be modular so you can do just the things that you want.

Details and bookings to be confirmed. More info at

Hope to see you at one or more workshop!

Thank you so much for sharing! I would be very interested in the spring school…How and when do we have to pay?



Thank you for the information!

Hi, Jon,

Nice to know about those two courses.

I would be delighted to attend both of them. I am really new in programming and I am trying to learn as much as I can.

Could you please tell me about how to register. I am not sure if both courses are online or at the University of Nottingham.

I saw as well the University of Nottingham was giving formation to good candidates. I was thrilled at the opportunity, but I thought I had not enough skills and publications and therefore I would not be accepted.

Best Wishes,

Rosalia Dacosta-Aguayo

For the 3-day April workshop you can register here:

The booking site for the 4-day Sept workshop is not ready yet. We have some logistics to work out for that first.

I don’t know what you mean. What is “formation”? The PsychoPy workshops don’t require any prior training or skills.


the workshop sounds very interesting and I’m thinking of booking a place if there are any left.

But I was wondering whether the internet is going to be stable enough to allow 40 people to attend the event on Vision. There has been a bit of concern about the stability of internet connection due to the increase in remote working and video-calls amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Do you think that it’s going to be possible to attend the event with this kind of issue?

Thank you,

Hi Dan,

We are actually now at capacity for this time around. I’ll create a form for people to add themselves to a waiting list for future workshops. Regarding whether there will be any problems (I don’t know what Vision with a capital V is) I can’t be certain and it does concern me, but most meetings I’ve been involved in recently have been fine, often with more than 40 people. I think we just have to try it and see!

best wishes,

Hi Jon,

thank you for your reply.

Sorry, I wrote “Vision” while I meant “Zoom”, what a strange lapsus.

Great to hear about the waiting list, hoping I’ll be able to attend the next event.


ah gutted i didn’t think there would be a “capacity” for a virtual workshop, silly me.

If someone drops out it would still be nice to attend.


Turns out it’s sort of the opposite. With an in-person workshop we can scale up by including more teaching assistants, but online those teaching assistants are of less help because they can’t get to the user’s computer. So with more people the workshop gets watered down for each person.

BUT the upside is that we can potentially run more workshops and in different timezones (currently limited by lack of staff, but potentially this means we can hire someone especially for running workshops!) I’m going to put up a waiting list for people to sign up and ask for a workshop in their time zone so we can monitor how many people need one and where they are. Then we’ll work out the how!

best wishes,

excellent this sounds promising.