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Tickets for PsychoPy workshops available

We will now be running our 3-day workshops more frequently and on different time-zones!
Tickets for the first dates are available here:

23rd – 25th Sept (UK time)

7th – 9th Oct (USA eastern)

Please note that ticket prices include VAT, which will be refunded where applicable. For future events we will explore ticketing platforms enabling more flexible VAT requirements :blush:


Hi Becca,
Three of our academic staff would like to attend this course. I have had authorisation to purchase, I’m just waiting for the staff to confirm which date they would prefer. Do we has a university be VAT exempt?


Hi There!

Thanks for your interest in our workshops and for your question.

VAT exemptions apply to non-EU institutes and non-UK EU institutes that provide us with a VAT registration number. If you are purchasing for a UK institute then VAT will usually apply.

Hopefully this helps and we hope to see your colleagues at our virtual workshops!


Any chance more spots will open up for the October 7th workshop?

I have the same question?

I’m wondering if there will be any openings for the workshop on Oct. 7? and when will your next workshop be, PDT time? Thanks!

Hi All!

Delighted to see the popularity of these events!!

Unfortunately sold out for next week but the next 3-day workshop will be 28th oct and on EDT time again (due to popularity)

We will be advertising ticket release very soon here and on our social media channels :slight_smile:


Great!! Looking forward to it. Thanks

Excellent! I will make sure to buy early to avoid missing out :).

Hi everyone!! for those who expressed interest in this event I can now confirm that ticket sales are live on the store. You can learn more about our 3-day workshops and how to purchase tickets here

Additionally we will be trying out some 3hr format sessions. The first of these will be next Thursday (22nd), please register via the EventBrite Link (here to secure your place.

If you wish to keep up to date with upcoming training events, you can register interest at

Hope to ‘e-see’ you at one of our training events!

Becca / the PsychoPy team!