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Do you need a (virtual) PsychoPy workshop?

After our recent workshop using Zoom, which seemed to work reasonably well, we are working on expanding the range and frequency of how we provide virtual workshops in future.

Streaming methods mean, of course, that we can provide training to people from all over the world and even provide them in different time zones.

We will be hiring a dedicated member of staff so that we can provide much more frequent events than previously.

So we’re now looking to guage interest in what people want and in what time zones. If you want to register your interest in future workshops then let us know what you’re looking for with the form below and we’ll email you about any upcoming workshops:


Hi Jon,
Thanks for reaching out. I think that I am good with the basics, so a workshop will only be helpful if it covers some of my more specific needs-- like transitioning to an online experiment from builder, controlling data output, etc. I will put my name on the list for now and watch to see if anything I like comes up!


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Hi Jon,
I concur with Anastasia; a workshop about the current intricacies of running builder experiments would be pretty helpful in the current environment.

This forum has been incredibly helpful for getting things started, but a recorded workshop on getting started online (one I could point other researchers to) would really be useful.

All the best,

Hi Jon,

Certainly, for a beginner like me, it would help to understand from both a macro and micro perspective the workings of the tool.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Jon,
I would be interested in a workshop.
Particularly, I am interested in integration of touchscreen input, speech recognition, and eye tracking.