Open Response Data Collection


I am trying to use the latest version of PsychoPy to create an experiment where participants will be presented with words and will be asked what they have perceived. So I want to allow them to type in their answers and be able to see the words they type in on the screen.

I am aware that the TextBox under responses will allow for this to happen however, I was wondering if there is a specific code that I need to use?

I have also tried this but its not allowing me to type the word. Is there something wrong with my code?

There shouldn’t be, most of the code you’ve shown here is covered by the Textbox component itself. Just make sure that when you create the component, it has “Editable” ticked. It is in beta still so please let us know if you encounter any problems with it!

Thank you @TParsons for your reply. In my experiment, I am presenting a movie file and I want participants to type what they perceive and I want the next trial to begin as soon as they press ''Enter". I am including a screenshot of the builder.

I used the Textbox component and checked off “Editable” as well, but I am still not able to run the study.

It looks like you haven’t set a start point for the Textbox - leaving the stop point blank is fine as this just means it runs until the routine ends, but it needs to know when to start otherwise it won’t present at all.

For ending on Enter, the best way to do this is probably to include a Keyboard component set to listen for Enter, with “End Routine On Press” ticked.

Unfortunately, this did not work. Here are some screenshots of the builder.