Open Response on PsychoPy


I am trying to create a study where I will be presenting words (both in an audio and movie formats) and I want the participants to TYPE in what they hear.

How can I set it up on PsychoPy?

You are in luck. Download the very latest release of PsychoPy if you don’t already have it (version 2020.2.2). The text component now allows for editable text.

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Great. Thanks for this.

I tried downloading the new version however I keep receiving the following error message.


I have the latest version of Mac (10.15.6).

Thanks for your help!

Also, as mentioned earlier, I would like to create an experiment where participants can type in their responses after seeing and hearing words.

How can I use the editable text box to allow for open response? Is there a code that I should be using along with the response text box?