Issue with typed responses


We are 3 french students and it’s our first time using PsychoPy. We are creating an experiment where participants first have to memorize several word pairs (ex. Chair – Night). In the second phase (the recall task) the participants see only the first word of these word pairs (Chair) and have to type the second word of the pair (Night). We are trying to figure out how to get the words that the participants type in to show up at the same time on the screen. For this purpose we watched a tutorial on youtube : Getting Typed Responses in Your Experiment -- PsychoPy Mini Tutorials - YouTube but we are stuck at this point (see 4min50). Also, the participants must obtain a score of 75% correct answers to move on to the next task, can anyone help with that? Many thanks

Hi There,

The new release of psychopy actually has a new component to facilitate this much easier. For typed responses you can use the textBox component (rather than “text”) .:slight_smile:


Hi Becca,

Thanks a lot for answering! Unfortunately I tried via the textBox component but it still doesn’t work and I have no idea why… Do you have any suggestion? Thank you in advance!

Hi There!

for the textbox you should just be able to leave the text field blank (or type ‘write text here’ just so something appears) and tick editable.

then a stimulus will appear that you can edit - you wouldn’t need your code as argument in the text field :slight_smile:


Hi Becca,

Thanks again for answering. I tried but this does not work either, I also tried to add a loop as you suggested in a previous post but it still didn’t work out. (How to record participant response? - #3 by Liz-Sod497).

Here’s a printscreen of my builder frame.

Is there any chance you could give me a step-by-step walk through for this? Thanks a lot!

Hi There,

In terms of how it ‘doesn’t work’ we might need a bit more information to be most helpful. Do you get any error messages? what do you expect to present on screen and what actually is presented instead?


Dear Becca,

Finally I managed to do so by using a code component but again, thanks a lot for your help!

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can you please send me the code . I have the same issue.

Are you resetting the textbox text to blank every frame as in the screenshot?