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Text box response in builder

Has there been a text box response implemented in PsychoPy Builder? I am currently using PsychoPy v3.2.4.

I am trying to create an experiment where participants will be presented with a 3-word stem and then have them type the word associate with the stem. I need them to be able to see the word they are typing when viewing the word stem. I have been skimming through the forums and I am afraid I may have to code the text box myself?

It is planned, but not available yet.

Afraid so.

Thanks for the response. Just wanted to check on the text box status!

Yes, always a good idea to check so that you don’t end up re-inventing the wheel. It is an important request which we want to meet, but the good news is that a lot of people have gotten it to work via that custom code. Come back to us with any issues you might experience.