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TextBox - where to start?

I want to create an experiment in PsychoPy that makes use of textboxes; that is, showing 4 different words on the screen simultaneously and asking the participant to click one of them. Is this something I can achieve with a TextBox?

I’ve had a look at this:
but it doesn’t help. I don’t even know where to start. Is a TextBox purely a coding thing? Because I can’t see it as a stimulus type in Builder.

I’ve tried inputting the code from this site (starting from win=visual.Window((….)) in a code element, but then my experiment won’t even run. I click the green man, and immediately it just stops.

I see people talking about the tutorial, but I can’t find that.

Feeling very lost and overwhelmed (as usual).
Any help much, much appreciated!

I think this is what you are talking about:

However, I have no personal experience with textboxes.

Hi @chrisd, you can achieve this using text components. You would position 4 text components on screen, and add a mouse component. In the mouse component, you would add your text component names to the clickable stimuli field, and if you wanted to end the trial on each click, then set the "end routine on press" parameter in the mouse component to “valid click