Online-Test shows blank screen in a few Browsers but works in others

Hey guys,

I have built an Experiment only in the Builder, so that all parts can be ported to an online version. This version works perfectly in my Chrome-browser and also after working on the JS-Code it does exactly what I want to. But when opening the experiment-link in Microsoft Edge or in Firefox (Not on every computer) it only shows a blank page. When opening the Console the following is shown:

This refers to things in the index.html, more precisely to the following:

I changed those things and now there are no warnings or errors in the Edge-console but the screen is still blank.
If someone has an idea I would be very grateful!

I’m using PsychoPy 3.0.0b9
on Windows 10
and uploaded the online-test to Pavlovia
Here is the link:

I’m afraid on my mac this seems to work fine in both firefox and chrome. Will try and remember to look at it on windows next week

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