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Blank page on the browser as Py3 starts to run the experiment online



I’ve uploaded my experiment on Pavlovia and everything worked nicely and smoothly, but as I’ve pressed the “Run on-line” button a blank page resulted on the browser. I didn’t get any error message, so it’s really hard to say what’s going on.
The experiment is this, maybe you can try and see if you get the blank page as well.
I’m currently using PsychoPy3.0.0b11 on a Mac. The browsers I’ve tested the experiment on are Chrome and Safari.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @valeriocori, if you press F12, you can debug your experiment online (at least using Chrome). The message says:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Although, that is not particularly informative. I managed to get your task working by 1) Changing the filename of the .psyexp file to something without spaces e.g., nuovoEsperimento - its not good practice to use spaces in filenames etc. 2) Go to experiment settings and change the name of the experiment to mathc the filename e.g., nuovoEsperimento - just good practice. Have a go and let me know.


Thank you @dvbridges!! That solved the problem. I’m so happy, I’m finally able to run my experiment online!!
Also, thank you for the good practice advice because I wasn’t paying too much attention while naming the files, from now on I’ll be more careful doing so.