No Pavlovia upload after 24 hours

I have noticed a strange behaviour in the upload to Pavlovia.
If I create a new project, I can push my project through Builder almost in real time by pressing the “synch with web project” button.
However, when I come back the day after, reopen the same psyexp file and start modifying it again, PsychoPy does not upload my changes anymore (it actually takes 2-3 hours to see them implemented on the web).
A solution I found on the web is to delete the html folder, delete the hidden git folders, and recreated a new project. If I create a new project, synchronization restart working.
It is important to point out that the project cannot have the same name as the previous one, otherwise the problem remains.
Has anybody has a similar problem to mine? It is a bit annoying having to delete and create a new project every morning when I open my projects to work on them -.-

In addition, I noticed that Pavlovia reports the last modification date
Would it be possible to see the latest hour and minute of the last change? This way we could see if the synchronization has fully worked or not.
It would also be great to see the last change time on the project start, at the very beginning. Just a line of text on the upper right corner would make very easy to see if the upload has actually happened or not.



did you get any answer?

You can always see the latest changes that have successfully made it to the server by looking at the project in (gitlab is the underlying tech that supports a more advanced interface to your files). If that hasn’t populated the running version of your task:

  1. try a full refresh on the running experiment page (Ctrl-Shift-R ?) as the old JavaScript may have been cached by your browser
  2. if that isn’t sufficient then, conceivably the sync between the repository and the running copy has got a merge conflict and needs resetting. You could try switching your experiment to INACTIVE on your pavlovia dashboard and then switch it back to RUNNING.

But it’s amazing how often (1) is actually the issue :slight_smile: