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Newb with Newb questions

Hello, I have never used PsychoPy before, and I just downloaded PsychoPy2 and have several questions about how to do (potentially) very simple things. First, how do I take stimuli I have created and put them into PsychoPy to use for experiments? Second, I am trying to create to simple but slightly different matching to sample tasks. Does anyone have a quick tutorial video that could show me how to do that? I will definitely have more questions as I continue, but for now let’s stick with these. Thank you in advance for the help.

Start here:

and don’t stop part-way through just because it doesn’t seem like your task. You need to learn these fundamentals before you can usefully ask questions.


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Ok, I watched the video. Now I have a question: how do I take stimuli I have created and put them into PsychoPy to use for experiments?

In your conditions file, have a column like this:


This assumes that you have a subfolder called images in the same folder as your .psyexp Builder file.

Insert an Image component into your routine, and in its Image field, connect it to the variable in your conditions file by entering $image_file. Set that field to update every repeat.

How do I define my image? I created a folder for my experiment, put an images folder in the folder, put an image in that image folder, made an image_file column in my conditions, and put $image_file in the Image field, but my image is still not in my experiment. It says I need to define my image.

Set that field to update every repeat, rather than be constant.

I did that and am still. It getting the results I’m after.

Assume I know literally NOTHING except for what I saw on this video. How do I take an image from my computer and put it in a task as a stimulus? Please go step by step leaving absolutely nothing for me to infer. I do not know anything about this app except for the video above, and that video told me nothing about putting images into PsychoPy as stimuli. If you have a video that could show me how to do that, even better, but I could really use help, because I have found nothing that shows me how to do what I want to do.

I don’t think we have time to help you if you literally no NOTHING except for that video. There are lots of resources and demos included in the application and we don’t have time to give you the sort of personalized in-depth help you appear to need. You’ll need to find someone local to help you if that’s what you need.

best wishes,

Ok, I think I understand things better now. But I still have a question. I have a conditions folder. In that conditions folder is another folder named Image. In that folder are my stimuli. In my conditions file is a column titled Image_file with my stimuli in it written as image/example.jpg but when I run my experiment I only get a white screen instead of my stimuli. In the Image field of my image component I have inserted $Image_file. Can anyone tell me why my screen is still a white background, and not my stimuli? I have fiddle with the size a bit but when I make it smaller it just becomes a white background in a gray background. Any advice? The stimuli I put directly into my conditions folder show up fine, but the ones in their own image folders aren’t showing up. I need them this way because those stimuli should be different after each repeat.

You’ve asked exactly the same question here:

Please don’t do that. That approach to netiquette decreases rather than increases the chance that you will get an answer.

Is there anyone in the Boston area who knows how to use PsychoPy fluently (particularly the image component) who would be willing to help me learn how to do this? Jon says I should find someone local to help me, and nobody in my school (students or staff) know how to use it.