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Audio experiment

Hi, I’m a new user in psychopy,I wanted to know if it is possible to create an expiriment of sound matching, combining images.
The rutine should include 3 images - one on top and that two other bellow next to each other. Each image should make a sound on its turn.
The image on top will make a sound identical to one of the sounds of the other two images and finally the student will have to click on the image bellow that matches the sound.
Is it possible to do that on psychopy?
thanks in advance

Yes, certainly. You should work through Jon Peirce’s PsychoPy tutorial on YouTube to learn the basics of controlling stimuli based on a conditions spreadsheet file, and then use those principles to add sound and image stimuli.

Another question, I’ve downloaded PsychoPy on my pc, and the builder view doesn’t have the insert ruitine button on the left side.
I’ve tried few versions, on two different pcs. Do you have any idea why?

Can you post a screenshot?