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HELP - Experiment showing pictures

Hello there!

A friend and I (students) have to work with PsychoPy in order to make an experiment for a study but we have never used it before and our tutor couldn’t give us any helpful instructions so we need your help…
We have to show participants different images. We must create 2 blocks with 5 trials , each trial includes 4 different images. Between the blocks must be a pause of 50 seconds.
So with the help of YouTube tutorials, we have found out that we have to load up a file to the conditions & this file must be Excel. Now the struggle is that we have pictures. We have googled how to include pictures in Excel and at least it looks the way it did in the tutorials.
Later on we have added components named “image”. In the basic properties we have made everything the way it should be (look screenshot).
If we try to run the expirement it shows up a message saying “name blabla is not defined”, sometimes it tells also Something about a path (screenshot). Well we don’t understand anything thats going on here nor do we know what the program wants fro us… so we need your help…

Any response, help, or explanation would be great,


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Hi Lisa,
I’m new to PsychoPy as well, but from what I understand, you are trying to load your images into the excel file directly. What you need to do in order to help PsychoPy finding your images is to give the path to the files into the excel (or csv) file, e.g. like this, if you have stored your images in a folder named images:


You could pass this file to the trial conditions, in this case, $filenames would be the variable to refer to in the builder.

There is a demo on exact this issue, you can find it in the builder under Demos -> images_blocks (you may have to Unpack Demos… first.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! At least it’s much clearer for us now!!

But now he shows me another message…

Hi Lisa,
I’m not sure, it’s hard to debug without more details. Since the error message is complaining about encoding, I would suggest to look for the error in your image paths;
For best compatibility, always make sure to have no special characters in your filenames and paths, so no accents (u’\xe9’ from the error message is the e with accent egout) and if possible even no spaces (it’s good practice to replace all spaces with underscores in filenames).

I’m not sure if that’s the source of your problem, though, but that’s my educated guess :wink: