My Psychopy cannot run the experiment someone sent to me

When I opened the experiment on my laptop and clicked the “run” button, the software suddenly collapsed after I clicked “ok” on the participant number and the words “attempt to measure frame rate…” appeared in the full-screen. I have installed and reinstalled different versions of Psychopy but none of them worked.

What error message do you receive?
Currently, it’s impossible to understand what the reason for it might be, the options are endless…


Before I typed participant id to start the experiment, I saw the above message.

But after I typed participant id and clicked ok to start the exeriment, then it suddenly collapse and hopefully I took a quick shot before the windows were all closed as shown in this picture.

If you can recreate the message in the second photo and copy the full text it would be helpful.

From the snippet you managed to capture, I would guess it’s related to the folder name your experiment is in. The error is something to do with text encoding (line 23 in decode) and I notice the folder name contains some non-ASCII characters, which may be fine but can sometimes cause issues with Python.

This is just a guess though, if you can get the full error message I’ll be able to give a better answer

Hi, TParsons, do you know how to play audio files randomly and rate each samples with 1-5? Is there a sample video to teach? So many errors/barriers for achieving my goal for the sound experiment.