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How to run the same experiment in different PsychoPy versions?

Hi all,

I have created an experiment by using PsychoPy3 on my laptop. But when I transferred the program into my university’s desktop which only have PsychoPy2, there are some issues that does not allow me to run the program.

Besides, I have tried to rebuild the program by using PsychoPy2, but the software does not run when it reaches the images and audios.

May I know is there any solutions to the above two problems?
Thank you in advance.

There are two relatively straightforward solutions:

  1. Get PsychoPy3 on the desktop
  2. Download the last version of PsychoPy2 from here ( for your laptop and rebuild your experiment with that.

I recommend (1), personally, but either will probably solve the problem. Trying to fix just the audio and image errors is going to be much more difficult. Beyond which, we would need to see the error messages it produces when it crashes.


Thanks for your reply. I have tried option 2.
However I have another issue. After rebuilding my experiment in PsychoPy2, the audio stimulus only appears in certain trials, and not in all trials. And I received the output message as stated below.
May I know what does the error imply?

Thanks in advance.

What kind of sound files are you using? What format? This looks like an issue where it fails to load the sound correctly, but I’m not sure why.

I am using WAV file.


But the audio only presents in the first few trials, although I am using the same format for all trials.

That’s unexpected. I’m not sure what’s going on, then. Is this something you made in the builder or programmed in the coder? Either way, can you share the experiment itself, or at least make a minimal version of it that generates this failure?

All along, I have been using the builder view to create my experiment.
Attached is the minimal version of my experiment.

Visual-Auditory 1.psyexp (237.9 KB)

I don’t see anything obviously wrong. I would double-check your condition file to make sure there aren’t any blank cells or misspelled file-names, but if I had to guess the issue is most likely that the whole audio system in PsychoPy2 was much less reliable than it is in PsychoPy3. If you can get your university to put PsychoPy3 on the desktop, that may be your best bet.

May I know if I can change the audio to another format instead of WAV file? I have tried to get my university to put PsychoPy3 on the desktop, but there are issues running the software.

See here: What sound file types are supported in PsychoPy - unable to open an mp3

I have tried a few audio formats but the program still doesn’t run. However, my university has figured out the issues, and the experiment that I designed is able to run with Windows 10. Thank you so much for your guidance!

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