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Loop skips when opening new tab/Pavlovia

OS : Win10
PsychoPy version: 2021.2.2
**Browser: Google Chrome

I set up an experiment in the builder mode. There are 48 pictures presented in a randomly. The pictures automatically change every 4 seconds. It runs perfectly fine in Psychopy and Pavlovia, HOWEVER if i run the experiment in pavlovia and simultaneously open another tab and then return to Pavlovia, the experiment skips the loop and goes straight to the following slide. For example: I watch 4 pictures, then go to another tab and do something there, after a couple of seconds return to the experiment. When I do this is seems to skip the loop and displays the slide that is meant to appear after the 48 pictures.
What can I do to avoid this? I haven’t tried to run the experiment in another browser as it should really also work in Chrome. I Basically would like that the experiment is always the same, independently from what the person is doing at the same time.
Thank you very much!

Hi There,

This is an interesting one - does it still happen if you upgrade to 2021.2.3 (which I would recommend anyway!).