Keyboard input not registering

I’m currently using PsychoPy on my macbook air for a class I am taking and every time I run an experiment the input from my keyboard does not register. I don’t get any error messages from the script that I’m using and I also have PsychoPy cheked in my input monitoring in my privacy settings. I’m sorry if I sound like such a noob I just don’t know what is the problem I’m having.

You need to show us what you are doing - otherwise we can have no idea of what is going on. e.g. show us a screenshot of your keyboard component and state exactly what you want to happen.

My keyboard is from the macbook air. The problem I’m facing is that when ever I run the experiment and I try to click any key on the keyboard it doesn’t work. It’s like my keyboard completely dies. I am not someone who know anything about coding or how scripts work. I’m just using the script my professor gave me to run the experiment

Then I guess fortunately you can simply ask for help locally from him or her. We just can’t be of any assistance from the other side of the internet if you’re not familiar enough with using the software to at least give us a meaningful description, as requested above.