Inconsistencies in keypress pick-up

Hi all,

I’ve set up an experiment that receives inputs from a USB input with 4 buttons, though have noticed that occasionally (about 1 in every 250 presses or so) these inputs simply do not register. There is no ostensible lag, and the button-device has been thoroughly tested for any issues with the buttons.

The problem also occurs with a keyboard; just a very occasional missed input. There is nothing out of the ordinary about my experiment settings up, and all background programs have been closed. I realize this is a very general question, but if anyone has any tips it’s hugely appreciated. Is there a current issue with Psychopy missing the occasional input? I realize the info for a proper diagnosis is lacking here, but if there is some general/common cause for this that may catch an unsuspecting Psychopy user off guard feel free to reply. Any suggestions much appreciated

Thanks a lot!

As you say, there isn’t enough information here to know. In general, no, keyboard inputs are not ever missed but there are certainly ways to programme things so they are. Are you using Builder or Code? If Builder do you have any Code Components that interact with the keyboard?