When using the keyboard on a Mac computer, the software may not respond when the user enters the specified keys

macOS Monterey 12.3
PsychoPy 2023.1.3
Standard Standalone? (y)

What are you trying to achieve?:
Count the time the user presses the specified button

What did you try to make it work?:

This is the keyboard setting information。When the program runs, the software will freeze when I press the Allowed keys button

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
The software cannot perform any operations

Is it because my computer configuration is too poor? I can run on a Windows 10 computer.

Hi @adestn,

Could you explain what exactly you mean by this?:

When the program runs, the software will freeze when I press the Allowed keys button

Note that pressing one of the response keys will end the experiment as you have “Force end of Routine” ticked and there is no loop around your trial routine.

Feel free to upload your experiment if you’d be happy to share it.


In theory, pressing one of the response keys will end the experiment, but it does not

I’m afraid I’ve never come across this specific error before. In cases like these, I would tend to try the following:

  • Check if PsychoPy demos run.
  • If these don’t work, I would uninstall and reinstall PsychoPy.
  • If this doesn’t help either, you could perhaps try an older version of PsychoPy.

That said, maybe someone on the forum knows what that particular error is about and can chip in.


thanks for your feedback,Have you got over it ?
I’m in the same situation as you,which makes me distraught in these days😭.Is there anyone who could press button successfully in experimental procedures by Macos Ventura 13.4?

If you are using a Mac then you may need to authorise PsychoPy to monitor your input.

  1. Go to System Preferences (easiest way is to press Cmd+space together, and type System Preferences)
  2. Go to Security & Privacy (top row, the house symbol).
  3. Go to Privacy (top right) and unlock.
  4. Go to Input Monitoring (left hand side)
  5. Add a tick next to PsychoPy
  6. Click Save and Reopen. PsychoPy will need restart.

Hi, thanks for your help, my friends, it’s really detailed!
I have tried it again but it doesn’t work. :sob:
the key of this problem is that all of this program including runner,coder and builder are not responding when my experimental procedure is running to the keyboard response component, rather than just pressing key without feedback.
of course, I’m willing to share my screen recording.

But my video is too big… :rofl:

I turn it on but still not respond after pressing any key… :joy:

Hi, did you solve the problem?