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Issues with Psychopy not showing coder or builder windows

I am running 84.2 and this has now stopped working on WIndows 7 PC.

I can get the icon on the task bar but when it launches all it shows is the next tips dialog box and nothing else. So I now cannot run anything.
I am also struggling to find the .cfg files. Before there were under
AppData/Roaming but even these have now disappeared.


Hi Philip,

I have the same problem.
Just go to the icon on your task bar, right click and hit maximize. the window will then appear. Grab the window by the top and drag to keep hold when it exits fullscreen mode. It will then miniaturize back to basically just a bar. Expand this out to whatever size you want.
This should fix it for the next time it launches, it did for me.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Tim. I think the problem was not unconnected to running various differnt accounts on the same machine. It now appears to be working and I now know what to do when the various coder and builder windows disappear again.