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"PsychoPy won't start" endemic

Hi, so this problem with the app seemingly not starting or the window getting “lost” seems to happen quite frequently lately. I also recently encountered this problem myself: I typically work with a dual-monitor setup, and during testing I moved the Builder window to the 2nd screen. When I later tried to open PsychoPy again with only a single screen connected, the window wouldn’t show up (only the icon in the task bar). This is a common problem I also encounter with other programs; the way to fix this with any other software has typically been to simply click on the task bar icon to minimize the window, then click the icon again, and Windows will move it to the current screen. Didn’t work with PsychoPy. So I’m wondering whether all these reports we’ve been receiving recently may actually be pointing to a bug in PsychoPy or the GUI toolkit we’re using.
I’m running Windows 7, btw.

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Yes, my guess is that this is to do with the storing of a window state that isn’t valid. What isn’t clear is how to detect whether that has happened. Possibilities:

  • Try to draw the window and then see if it’s appeared beyond the screen? I don’t know if it’s possible to detect that the window is out of valid range.
  • save the current screen config and don’t load the previous window arrangement at all if the screen config has changed? Seems more draconian (some screen reconfigs will be OK with the previous windows anyway) but maybe safer?
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